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eBadge is an EU funded FP7 project with the objective of proposing an optimal pan-European Intelligent Balancing mechanism, which is also able to integrate Virtual Power Plant Systems by means of an integrated communication infrastructure that can assist in the management of the electricity Transmission and Distribution grids in an optimized, controlled and secure manner. The project has a duration of 3 years in total and is currently in the final year. The project is managed by a multi-stakeholder consortium including 13 partners covering 5 EU member states. The consortium is led by Slovenia’s telecommunications operator; Telekom Slovenije d.d. eBadge’s aim of balancing the European electricity market brings great value to Europe and the project has produced 3 key outcomes:
– The project has proven that the costs of electricity balancing services can be reduced by approx. 50% by creating a cross-border balancing market
– The project has paved the way for telecommunications operators to become market facilitators, who liberalise energy data for other market players to exploit
– The project has demonstrated that VPPs can optimise the energy value chain 

eBadge empowers consumers to participate and engage in the energy market of tomorrow – it supports the transition from being a consumer to being a prosumer.

This project received  funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme  (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n. 318050.



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eBADGE Innovation Questionnaire

The completed Innovation Questionnaire is available here. The innovations developed during eBADGE project were eBADGE simulator and message bus. The simulator is a new product being a balancing market tool to simulate the operation of balancing market. The simulator has one clear owner and will be deployed within a partner for internal exploitation. At the moment it is not expected to be commercialised. Below you can familiarise yourself with the online simulator.

Splitting the roles of energy data collection, communication through message bus, data management, and user applications will allow new services by existing grid market stakeholders and new entrants, thus levelling existing vertically integrated closed systems in both IoT and energy domains. The new service has multiple owners, and is to be deployed within a partner for internal exploitation.

 Use the cross-border balancing market simulator

The project’s simulator is open to public usage. Only registration is required in order to use the simulator. The simulator allows the user to create scenarios, validate input values, run the simulator and analyse results as part of the bigger process of simulating the cross-border balancing electricity market. A user manual is available here. Use the simulator here.

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