Follow-up: 2nd Workshop at EUW15 – get the presentations!

On the last day of the European Utility Week 2015, November 5th 2015, eBADGE held the 2nd and final workshop to present the key outcomes and highlights of the project to a wide range of stakeholders in Wien Messe, Austria. Check out the speaker line-up and agenda here.

Key Outcomes & Highlights of eBADGE:

– eBADGE will enable a 50% reduction in costs for electricity balancing services
– eBADGE will enable telecom operators to liberalize energy data and function as market facilitators 
– eBADGE has proved that VPPs can optimise the energy value chain 

During the workshop the consortium experts presented these outcomes, highlights and demonstrated the ICT tools developed for the project objective of creating a pan-European, intelligent balancing mechanism for the electricity balancing markets. External high-level speakers from ENTSO-E and ACER also delivered their views and expert insights at the workshop. Get the presentations below!


Guidelines to Enable Cross-border Balancing & Achieving Higher Economic Efficiency in Real-time Markets by Gianluigi Migliavacca, Head of the Transmission Network Planning Research Group, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE.

Telecommunication Operators as market facilitators; liberalization of Energy data & Home Energy Hubs
by Radovan Sernec, Senior Researcher, Telekom Slovenije & Marjan Sterk, Researcher, XLAB Research

Optimizing the Energy Value Chain with VPPs
by Peter Nemcek, Technical Coordinator, cyberGRID & Ursula Krisper, Head of Advanced Services, Elektro Ljubljana

Creating a Pan-European Balancing Market
by Alexander Dusolt, Market Advisor, European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E)

Creating a Pan-European Balancing Market by Martin Povh, Framework Guidelines and Network Codes Officer, ACER



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