Balancing market simulator and manual available online

The eBADGE balancing market simulator is available online. Have a look at the simulator manual for instructions, i.e. how a user can create a new scenario, validate input values, run the simulator and analyse results.

Completed eBADGE Innovation Questionnaire published

The eBADGE Innovation Questionnaire has been completed and published for viewing here. There were two innovation developed during the project – eBADGE simulator, which is a market balancing tool, and eBADGE message bus, which enables communications among all involved parties and helps providing new smart applications.

eBADGE message bus now available – take a look!

The open source eBADGE message bus, as described in D3.2.3, is now available at under a permissive free software license.

eBADGE interview at European Utility Week 2015

The Project’s technical coordinator, Peter Nemcek (cyberGRID), was interviewed in the Engerati studio at EUW15, where he presented the highlights of the project.

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