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We all need support in our lives. Our friends and supporters are there to celebrate successes and help us through difficult times.

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In the perfect friendship, the two of you are working hard to give each other the most equal amount of attention possible. However, there are times when it feels like only one person is making an effort to keep the friendship thriving. This is known as a one-sided friendship.

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For example, if your friend bullies someone else, you don't want to feel like you're a bystander, nor do you want to support their behavior. Opening up about your mental health — for young people A guide for young people on talking to friends and family about how you're feeling. This site may store and process health related data for the purposes of providing counseling and related services. It is never easy to spend time with someone who ends up hurting your feelings or ignoring you completely.

To focus on quality not quantity.

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Most of us have had some form of one-sided friendship in the past, but may not realize all the s or how to handle it. Resist the urge. If you realize your friendship is one-sided, you don't necessarily need to cut all ties with them right away.

We're here to help you find a way. It's not enough to call yourself a "friend.

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We all need support in our lives. It is challenging to admit to yourself that you're in this sort of dynamic with someone, but things that you can look out for are when there's a negging filling that your kindness isn't being returned. Ask questions instead of commenting. You can speak freely about your problems without fear of judgment.

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You can opt-out at any time. Being in a one-sided friendship is another reason you might walk away. For people with the time and ability to communicate daily, anything less can be anxiety provoking, and can lead people to friendship flings.

You may think of them as a friend, but they think of you as a person who is nice, and fun to hang out with, but they aren't connected with you enough to have the friendship be two-sided. Here are some tips that might help:.

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Tell us more Tell us more. You can share experiences. Get Involved. You can also talk with someone at any time at or in the Lower Mainland. Aristotle identified three types of friendship; friendships of utility, friendships of pleasure, and friendships of the good.

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Additionally, talking to this person may help you figure out what's going on. It could be that your friend has been hurt in the past. Have an open conversation so that everyone is clear. Somehow we were always engaged in one big long never ending dialogue about everything and nothing.

Talking to someone you trust can help you to:. Want to explore and learn more? You're usually the one who makes contact, but on occasion, you get a text or a call from them.

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They may also make only the minimal effort to hang out. They can help you to figure out what resources are available and what the next steps might be. If you hurt their feelings, listen to why, and actively try to be conscientious surrounding the issue in the future. There's no right answer, but the most important thing is to keep people in your life that demonstrate that they care about you. When a friend seems to be struggling or is experiencing a mental health problem, they may be feeling alone, so support from a friend like you is even more important.

There are times when one party may have the only means of travel. Sometimes, your friend may not even mean to be so one-sided, and by talking to them about it, they may change. Remember, they may or may not be cognizant of the fact that, to you, it feels like you're in a one-sided friendship.

If you and your friend are no longer a good match for friendship, it can hurt, but know that it's normal for this to happen as we learn and grow.

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Maybe your friend is depressed, and as much as they want to show you attention and appreciation, they don't value themselves, let alone others. Your mental and physical well-being comes above everything else, and it is foundational in your life, so protect it by doing what's right for you. It is essential to make new friends once you realize that you're in a one-sided friendship.

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These are examples of situations that you should seek immediate help: Thinking about ending your life or trying to end your life. The chances are that if you have a toxic friend, you've already tried to talk to them about what's been unhelpful or hurtful in your connection. These are essential things to remember because you deserve to be in a network of people who appreciate you and where your worth is reciprocated.

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It also may be that the person has a mental illness, and they can't reciprocate. If they get aggressive, then it wasn't meant to be. The Canadian Mental Health Association promotes the mental health of all and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing a mental illness through public education, community-based research, advocacy, and direct services.

If you find yourself in need of immediate help, call Emergency Services — Coronavirus: Find our information and support and more on our work. Find a way to talk that makes it easier to talk about the harder stuff. No matter what actions you take, they seem to take you for granted, and that's frustrating.

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Unfortunately communicating daily can become forced and feel like an obligation. If you're worried about telling someone how you feel, it can help to feel prepared for the conversation. I cannot remember the last time where I had the ability to share my internal ideas and beliefs without feeling like a bad guy. Of course, try to work things out, but respect the fact that sometimes, connections have to end. Without pointing fingers, she has helped me to see my situations with a clearer mind and taught me how to better identify them to produce effective communication and action.

Supporting someone else can affect your own well-being. They are always talking about themselves and never ask how you are doing.

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Be prepared to hear information that may be upsetting. Now, not all conversations are going to be equal. Maybe you could try a different way of telling them, like writing a letter. You may feel like you have to give advice.

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This can be quite anxiety provoking. That's a horrible feeling.

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The crisis lines linked in through have training in mental health issues and services. You can also find education events and courses through local mental health organizations, schools, and campuses. When they talk to you, their tone might be cold and they might try to make the conversation short. To continue using ReGain, you must consent to our Privacy Policy. If you're in a one-sided friendship, you'll likely know it because the inequality will be apparent.

You are there to support your friend and help them find professionals that can help. As sad as it can be, especially if someone was a good friend or close friend, friends grow apart sometimes.

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She communicates but provides an ample amount of room to vocalize. Don't settle for a one-sided friendship, but to know if you're in a one-sided friendship, you need to know what the s are. What worked at one point may not work in a month or a year. Talk to an adult you trust or you can always use the phone and online chat options to connect with a trained professional or volunteer.

For one person, it may be texting in the evening. Your friend may be oblivious to their behavior. Be non-judgmental. Older Post Friends are not therapists. They are trained to help you cope with the situation and help your friend.

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Communicating daily meets their needs for time, attention, feeling liked, valued, wanted and welcomed. Here are some tips that might help: Think about how to start — Sometimes knowing how you're going to start the conversation can make you feel more confident. You can find resources for young people through Kelty Mental Health.

Regain offers online therapy so you can get help exactly where you are.

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Allow your relationships to evolve. If you are very worried about a friend, you should let an adult know. In the community A family doctor is often the first person someone sees for mental health concerns. Maybe, one of you moved away and that caused you to grow apart, or perhaps, you just don't click like you used to.