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Wizard101 chat

For answers to any of your Gameplay questions about Wizard please take a look at our Players Guide: www.

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Wizard is an online game that you download and play with other people in a virtual world.

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How do I Chat in Wizard? Players may choose to switch between Realms that are more or less populated based on their play style. See the Game Tour of the Spiral. In order to maintain a fun and safe virtual world experience for everyone Wizard has 4 communication options.

Wizard 18+ chat not accessable when 18+ real of age

Developer Diaries. Why switch Realms? KingsIsle Blog. Community Fansites.

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Pet's Type: Bumblebee. World: Azteca.

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What are Realms? If you decide you no longer wish you keep a Wizard, you can delete them yourself at the Wizard selection screen by selecting the Wizard you wish to delete and pressing the Delete button. I was able to make the jump from No Chat to Open Chat doing this. System Requirements. The only items that can be traded between two different s are non-enchanted Treasure Cards.

This option is available to all over 13 and under 13 with parent permission. Official Player Guide. You can also receive training points wizard101 chat certain quests. All decisions are final when it comes to character transfer requests. To ensure the highest level of safety, we have chosen to provide this for our active credit card Member community only.

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Status: 2. Hope that helps! How do I get Training Points? Wizard101 chat Summoned me, but has nothing for me! Turning 21 soon and also unable to access Open Chat since I started playing when I was To play Wizard, follow these steps: Register on Wizard ESRB Rating. Zone Pricing. Wizard's Name: Patrick. Thank you for any help! If you can't use the item, sell it to the Bazaar, and if it is marked No Auction, you can sell it at the regular shopkeeps throughout the Spiral.

Be sure to include the following:. Any purchase big or small would work. Pet's Type: Something with a feint. Wizard's School: Life. I am 18, a paying member through steam and steam wallet which uses my credit cardand I have open chat enabled in parental controls for myself.

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Prepaid Cards. Have a question about Wizard? They can't assume, even if you reach out to them via or ticket, what your real age is. You will be prompted to enter a code to verify that you want to delete that Wizard. Register Remember Me? The first thing you should try is turning off your Quest Helper. About Wizard Where did my item go? Earn Crowns.

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Simply press Esc and select the very last top on the tab with the above icon - and you will see a list of Realms to choose from. If you have questions about this block, please at community kingsisle. Am I missing something obvious?

This has answers about all aspects of Wizard including how to play, quests, housing, gardening, crafting, pets and so much more.

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World: Polaris. Violent and abusive behavior, as well as the exchange of personal information is still not acceptable.

Customer support

KingsIsle Blog. Even if you uninstall Wizard from your computer, your Wizard, all the belongings and experience earned is still safe.

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I am frustrated to hear that although soon to turn 19, Kingsisle still says that my is under age, understanding that I put my of real age when made inthinking that the system somewhat updates itself for each according to birth, there is still no way for me to acquire this feature with credit card or not.

There are two ways to find your friend. Wizard's School: Balance. Ravenwood News.

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My game is Lagging, what can I do to fix this? Afterwords, you would have to go to your settings under "Parental Controls" in order to enable the feature.

Re: wizard 18+ chat not accessable when 18+ real of age

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. For anybilling, or technical issues take a look through our FAQ: www. We feel that an economy of item trading is not appropriate for our game. All times are GMT Monthly Newsletter. True Friend codes allow you to chat with people you know in Real Life. Wizard's Name: Dingbat. I do hope you enjoy your new life in adulthood though. Event Calendar. You can turn the chat bubbles on and off by pressing the letter O on your keyboard.

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Ravenwood News. Community Fansites.

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Follow Wizard for the latest news! Please select a category to choose from: - Cancel. Player vs Player. Earn Crowns. For all questions and concerns, contact Customer Support. If you are new to online gaming, you may want to print out our Quick Guide for easy reference to the basics such as how to move, how to chat and what to do in Wizard Game Updates. EV SSL. Status: smh. I've been a former Wizard player since and had always anticipated to get open chat for the longest of time thinking that when the age was reached, ultimately, it would be accessible.

It really is terrible and annoying, but KI isn't entirely to blame, for they are only doing what they must do. See the Game Tour of the Spiral. During this process, your housing button may appear grey, which means you will have wizard101 chat wait until everything in your house has downloaded before you can start redecorating.

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Agree on a Realm to meet in before you log in. However, upon reaching my 18th birthday, open chat was still unable to be altered in favor for the legal requirement especially upon purchasing. Gift Cards cannot be used to unlock Open Chat.